Sunday, February 6, 2011

A school career begins for Oscar

Oscar's first day at school
The day has come!!! Oscar and his first day of school. Marg was a mess of course and I was actually ok, although I was sort of nervous like it was me going to my first day of school. I was more worried for Abigail as she was going to lose her big brother and her best friend. It was never going to be the same at home. Not a great tragedy but the realisation that your children are growing up even though you do as much as you can to be with them for as much time as possible in these early years can sometimes feel like not enough at these succinct moments. So in this context I was a little melancholy for Abigail but very happy for Oscar as he embarked on his next adventure in life. Abigail will be joining him at school next year so it won't be long before they are reunited again. Look out teachers of APS!!! Abi's on her way and bringing her personality with her.
In terms of Oscar I'd already heard of other children who were so excited that they woke up at 5:30am had put their uniform and had breakfast and waiting at the door for the parents. Not the same story for us. We actually had to remind Oscar that he was indeed going to school and that he had to put his uniform on. I wasn't worried that he was going to cry when we left him there as he was going to be joining two of his friends from child care. He had been at their parties and been friends for a few years so seeing a few familiar faces was going to ease him somewhat.

Is his brand new uniform... bought the previous day in the nick of time

His first lunch

The younger ones are going to miss him

Lookout Ashbury Public School the Oehlmann kids are coming

In this photo you can actually see me grit the words through my teeth and a feigned smile
"Just look at the freaking camera Oscar!"

Have fun at school big brother!

Life after Oscar's first day at school
Well I thought that having one child in school and two at home was going to be easy. After all one less mouth to feed. Abigail tends not to fight with Byron so just a walk in the park...right? WRONG!. Life has become so much busier. (You can gather that by the reduced frequency of blog posts). Every part of the day has a deadline. I made this task and its associated deadline table (just for the morning) so you can understand what I mean...

Consequence of missing deadline
Wake up
Risk of missing breakfast
Risk of going days without shower and reduction of personal hygiene
Make school lunches
Byron & Oscar wake up imminent and possible backlog of tasks. Chance of whiny voice/hunger cry.
Delaying Gabrielle’s departure (she leaves for school at 0715 for a 0845 school start in the next suburb!!!)

Supervise Oscar’s breakfast
(Oscar can prepare his own breakfast, but doesn’t clean up after himself and can often spill milk...lots of milk.)
Risk of mess to clean up
Ensure wife awake and in shower
Risk of another stressed adult in the household.
One is enough
Feed Byron
Hunger Cry and miss preparing breakfast for recently woken Abigail. NB if Abigail misses breakfast she won’t whinge’s a delayed reaction, she’ll react in the most inconvenient time and location.
Clean up breakfast dishes
Risk of wolverines entering whilst I’m out to eat scraps forcing a bloody conflict between our dogs and wild animals.
Make beds
Possible nervous breakdown when returning from school drop off and seeing the bedrooms in a hideous state. Feeling of insurmountable obstacles at 0915 is not an ideal scenario.
Clothe children
Possible removal of children by Docs and charges laid by police.

Teeth brushing preparation

 (NB Hand towel must be placed on collar prior to giving loaded toothbrushes)
Risk of fistfuls of hair being ripped out of my scalp in frustration when children emerge out of bathroom after teeth brushing with toothpaste and saliva all down front of clean shirt/dress forcing a change of clothes.
Teeth brushing

Risk of cavities forming causing tooth decay, pain then child high intensity pain screams then trip to dentists then dentist bill then adult high intensity pain scream.
Tooth brushing quality control check
See above
Ensure wife eating breakfast
Risk of another stressed adult in the household.
One is enough
Ensure Margaret has sufficient lunch
Risk of cranky wife arriving home
Ensure Margaret has departed for work
Risk of punctuality performance management by her peers...yeah right!!!
Ensure that I am fully clothed
Risk of arrest by police
Ensure that I am fully clothed to an acceptable level
Risk of arrest by fashion police
Ensure Oscar has lunch in bag and deliver the ‘lunch brief’
Risk of Oscar not eating lunch
Ensure kids in car
Risk of Principal Skinner outburst in car at end of street due to high traffic

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